Discover one of Iceland’s natural gems, the Landmannalaugar geothermal area, on this luxurious super jeep tour. See stunning waterfalls and otherworldly crater lakes before taking a dip in a naturally heated pool.

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Discover one of Iceland’s natural gems, the Landmannalaugar geothermal area, on this luxurious super jeep tour. See stunning waterfalls and otherworldly crater lakes before taking a dip in a naturally heated pool. This tour shouldn’t be missed by anyone wanting to experience the best of Icelandic nature while travelling in comfort and style.

Landmannalaugar is a vast area of unique beauty, located in the heart of Iceland’s southern highlands. Nestled between the jet-black Laugahraun lava field, Landmannalaugar is made up of windswept rhyolite mountains, a type of volcanic rock that creates a full spectrum of dazzling colour on the mountainside.

Itinerary for the Landmannalaugar tour

Your adventure starts in Reykjavik. There you will be picked up in the morning by a super jeep. This large and luxurious vehicle is specially built to go off the beaten track, to areas not accessible by normal buses. So, you will get an exclusive and unique experience as you traverse the highlands of Iceland.

Your first stop of the day will be in Þjórsárdalur valley where you find Hjálparfoss waterfall. Situated in the lava field north of the stratovolcano Hekla, this is a twin cascade where two streams from the river Fossá, merge in the basin of the waterfall.

Travelling from the beautiful waterfall, you’ll stop at two scenic lakes before you reach Landmannalaugar. The first lake is Ljótipollur, a crater lake with high edges in an unbelievable shade of red that contrast the azure blue water. The second is Frostaðavatn lake, a wide and beautiful lake popular among photographers around the world.

The geothermal pools of Landmannalaugar

The rhyolite mountains at Landmannalaugar appear in shades of red, pink, green and golden yellow. This bestows an otherworldly feel upon the whole area. You will get a chance to hike up one of the area’s many hiking trails before taking a dip in the naturally heated geothermal pool and relax after a day of travelling.

Before you head back to the city, you will make a quick stop in Dómadalur valley where you will find the waterfall, Þjófafoss. You will be thankful for the super-jeep as it is one of the few vehicles that can easily access the route to this gorgeous waterfall. You will also visit the magnificent volcano Hekla, one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to travel the geothermal and volcanic landscapes of Iceland’s highlands. See areas not visited by many on this exclusive superjeep tour. Check availability by choosing a date.

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7 reviews for Landmannalaugar

  1. Charlotte

    I joined the tour last week. It was absolutely one of the life time experience to join this highland tour! here are the highlights: 1) so fun to take a ride on super jeep. The jeep picked me up directly in front of city hall, near where I stayed. During the pick up, all other tourists who were waiting for tours, were all amazed this car and took pictures of it. 2) The guide was same as the driver, very responsible for us, and telling all kind of interesting stories whenever we drove through a town or nature view. 3) this is a small group, We had almost 3 hours on highland for ourself, to do anything we would like to do, some taking pictures, some hiking around, some chating with guide. 4) this is a small group tour, the money totally worth it.

  2. Anne-Marie

    Our tour, on 5. July 2018, was more than super. Thanks to Þor.

  3. Lara Nau

    Excellent tour! We really loved it. We saw a lot of beautiful places and had enough time at each stop. Walking around Landmannalaugar was an amazing experience and after that we could bath in a hot spring. Absolutely recommendable!

  4. Walesch Marianne

    It was a great trip, all of my expectations were fulfilled

  5. Katja Stange

    We enjoyed the tour very mich ans could see places we would habe never seen alone ans which probably not many tourists get to see. The guide was bery nice, gave all explanations and reacted to our wishes. Contact ans organisation was very easy and reliable. We would definately recommend this tour if you wanna do something special!

  6. ronnen isakov



    Super journée. Nous avons fortement apprécié un paysage splendide, sous un beau soleil.
    Notre guide Þor nous a bien accompagné, bien expliqué.
    Landmannalaugar est vraiment époustouflant.

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