The Auroras in Iceland

Iceland is one of the best places on Earth to witness the Northern Lights. Here’s how you spot the Auroras in Iceland. 

Iceland is beyond a doubt the single best place to see the Northern Lights. You only have to drive for a short while from Reykjavik to find a great place to spot the Auroras.

We are experienced Aurora hunters. There are many great places all around Reykjavik where you can spot the Northern Lights, even on clear nights they are visible in the city, even despite the light pollution.

However, when you have limited time, only few nights, you want to make sure that you see the Auroras in Iceland and we recommend that you book a tour with a seasoned local Aurora hunter.

A Northern Lights tour with a professional photographer

We offer a superb 5-star Northern Lights tour with a professional photographer. Many people wish to have their photo taken with the Northern Lights and what better way to remember the lights by.

We are know where to find the best places around Reykjavik, where you can spot the Auroras and get a great photograph. All our vehicles are 4×4 luxury super-jeeps fitted with free Wifi.

What better way to experience the Auroras!

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